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February 28, 2009

Snooks’ Funeral

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I resisted writing about Snooks Eaglin’s funeral yesterday, wondering if it was tasteless to comment on it. But later in the day at the visitation for Antoinette K-Doe at the Mother-in-Law Lounge, people asked how it was, so I’ll use that request as my guide.

It was very nice. It was generally the right mix of church ritual and secular expressions, so there was a ritualized comfort dimension, but it was a service about Eaglin and it couldn’t have been mistaken for anyone else’s funeral. Irma Thomas’ gospel performance was powerful, though her brief remarks left me feeling like she was asked to sing more because of her love of gospel than her relationship with Eaglin.

There was a lot of good humor in the stories Quint Davis and John Blancher told about life with Snooks, and there was a little strange drama in the emergence of James Jackson, the drummer in Eaglin’s first band, the Flamingos. He seemed to need to be central to things, standing with Eaglin at his coffin when Flamingo bandmate Allen Toussaint started his recollections of Eaglin. But who knows? Maybe he was closer to Eaglin than any of us knew, or maybe this was his first chance to feel like a somebody in 50 years. At funerals, I prefer to attribute the most generous motives to people’s behavior.

The only time the star power of the event seemed a little unwieldy was the conclusion, led by Charmaine Neville, Rockin’ Dopsie Jr. and Frogman Henry. It was great to see Henry onstage, and it added a very New Orleans note of strangeness when he sang spirituals in his little girl voice, but otherwise, it was hard to know the connection between the participants and Eaglin – and maybe there wasn’t one. Maybe they were just there to express their sadness, and they did so by singing. It was the morning’s one show biz moment, but again, I’ll assume positive motivations on the part of all concerned.

The best stories: Snooks being kept awake by the sound of falling snow in Woodstock, New York; Snooks helping Toussaint figure out chords to popular songs on the piano; and Toussaint and Jackson confirmed the famed story of Snooks driving blind. Jackson says it was his car, and the only thing that worried him was that Snooks drove fast.' Funeral digg:Snooks' Funeral spurl:Snooks' Funeral wists:Snooks' Funeral simpy:Snooks' Funeral newsvine:Snooks' Funeral blinklist:Snooks' Funeral furl:Snooks' Funeral reddit:Snooks' Funeral fark:Snooks' Funeral blogmarks:Snooks' Funeral Y!:Snooks' Funeral smarking:Snooks' Funeral magnolia:Snooks' Funeral segnalo:Snooks' Funeral gifttagging:Snooks' Funeral

February 27, 2009

New Hot 8

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Brass bands have been notably absent for recording studios since Hurricane Katrina. Here’s a link to the new “Steamin’ Blues” by the Hot 8 Brass Band. Hot 8 digg:New Hot 8 spurl:New Hot 8 wists:New Hot 8 simpy:New Hot 8 newsvine:New Hot 8 blinklist:New Hot 8 furl:New Hot 8 reddit:New Hot 8 fark:New Hot 8 blogmarks:New Hot 8 Y!:New Hot 8 smarking:New Hot 8 magnolia:New Hot 8 segnalo:New Hot 8 gifttagging:New Hot 8

February 26, 2009

Voodoo for Halloween

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This year, the Voodoo Music Experience moves back to the Halloween weekend – October 30-November 1. No talent has been announced yet. for Halloween digg:Voodoo for Halloween spurl:Voodoo for Halloween wists:Voodoo for Halloween simpy:Voodoo for Halloween newsvine:Voodoo for Halloween blinklist:Voodoo for Halloween furl:Voodoo for Halloween reddit:Voodoo for Halloween fark:Voodoo for Halloween blogmarks:Voodoo for Halloween Y!:Voodoo for Halloween smarking:Voodoo for Halloween magnolia:Voodoo for Halloween segnalo:Voodoo for Halloween gifttagging:Voodoo for Halloween

Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements

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Here’s an email from photographer Erika Goldring on Antoinette’s funeral arrangements:


Visitation at the Mother In Law Lounge (1500 N. Claiborne Ave) 2pm-7pm 

9-11am visitation at St. James Methodist Church
11-12:30 Funeral Service at St. James Methodist (1925 Ursuline Avenue)
12:30-2pm Jazz Funeral Procession to St. Louis #2
2:30-6:30 Re-pass at Rock & Bowl

Donations for Funeral
Checks made out to: Antoinette K-Doe Fund

Mailed to 2341 Metairie Rd. Metairie, LA 70001
C/O Raymond Landry

p.s. from Michelle, Antoinette had no life insurance; we need to help cover her coffin and other expenses.  Thank you!

If you are interested in bringing a dish to Friday’s visitation, email Michelle; we need trays of Manchu fried chicken, jambalaya, red beans and rice etc.  We could use a tray each hour including the family only visitation earlier that day.  Thank you so much for your help!

If you are a musician and would like to play at Rock N Bowl, please call Raymond Landry: 504-460-0256. K-Doe Funeral Arrangements digg:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements spurl:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements wists:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements simpy:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements newsvine:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements blinklist:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements furl:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements reddit:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements fark:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements blogmarks:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements Y!:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements smarking:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements magnolia:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements segnalo:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements gifttagging:Antoinette K-Doe Funeral Arrangements

February 25, 2009

Antoinette Stories

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Have a good Antoinette K-Doe story? If so, send it me at and we’ll share the best. Stories digg:Antoinette Stories spurl:Antoinette Stories wists:Antoinette Stories simpy:Antoinette Stories newsvine:Antoinette Stories blinklist:Antoinette Stories furl:Antoinette Stories reddit:Antoinette Stories fark:Antoinette Stories blogmarks:Antoinette Stories Y!:Antoinette Stories smarking:Antoinette Stories magnolia:Antoinette Stories segnalo:Antoinette Stories gifttagging:Antoinette Stories

The Mayor as Critic?

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I’m not sure that the person who Twitters as MayorNagin actually is Mayor Nagin, but he reads like him. Today he offered his brief critique of Bobby Jindal’s rebuttal last night:

Man, what was with Bobby Jindal’s speech? Even my critics know I’d be better in the delivery dept. I’d throw you all a memorable line too.

It’s funny because it’s true. Mayor as Critic? digg:The Mayor as Critic? spurl:The Mayor as Critic? wists:The Mayor as Critic? simpy:The Mayor as Critic? newsvine:The Mayor as Critic? blinklist:The Mayor as Critic? furl:The Mayor as Critic? reddit:The Mayor as Critic? fark:The Mayor as Critic? blogmarks:The Mayor as Critic? Y!:The Mayor as Critic? smarking:The Mayor as Critic? magnolia:The Mayor as Critic? segnalo:The Mayor as Critic? gifttagging:The Mayor as Critic?

Grossed Out

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There’s a lot in the race and class dynamics of Mardi Gras that are subtler than we realize – or maybe they aren’t at all and we simply look the other way. (Not sure which I feel is the case.) There was no getting around footage on television last night of African-American valets helping Rex get dressed before the parade, putting on his socks and shoes. In 2009, that’s simply revolting. Out digg:Grossed Out spurl:Grossed Out wists:Grossed Out simpy:Grossed Out newsvine:Grossed Out blinklist:Grossed Out furl:Grossed Out reddit:Grossed Out fark:Grossed Out blogmarks:Grossed Out Y!:Grossed Out smarking:Grossed Out magnolia:Grossed Out segnalo:Grossed Out gifttagging:Grossed Out

Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin

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Antoinette K-Doe passed away of a heart attack early Tuesday morning after finishing her Lundi Gras shift at the Mother-in-Law Lounge. Thankfully, we were able to present her with our Heartbeat Award in January and let her know how we felt about her. 

Snooks Eaglin’s funeral plans have been made. On Friday, there will be a visitation at the Howlin’ Wolf from 9 a.m. to noon, then he will be buried at Providence Park Cemetery (8200 Airline Dr. in Metairie).

Update: 1:30 p.m.  - We’ve since got more details on Eaglin’s funeral. The doors open at the Wolf at 9 am., and the service will be from 10 to 12 p.m. with music by Allen Toussaint, Irma Thomas and Deacon John. After that, there will be a second line with the Hot 8 and the Senior Division of the Young Olympia Brass Band, then a repast before the burial. K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin digg:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin spurl:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin wists:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin simpy:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin newsvine:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin blinklist:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin furl:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin reddit:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin fark:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin blogmarks:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin Y!:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin smarking:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin magnolia:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin segnalo:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin gifttagging:Antoinette K-Doe and Snooks Eaglin

February 24, 2009

So Sad

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I heard this morning that Antoinette K-Doe died of a heart attack last night. All my confirmations have been secondhand, but now the Mother-in-Law Lounge is my Mardi Gras destination. Sad digg:So Sad spurl:So Sad wists:So Sad simpy:So Sad newsvine:So Sad blinklist:So Sad furl:So Sad reddit:So Sad fark:So Sad blogmarks:So Sad Y!:So Sad smarking:So Sad magnolia:So Sad segnalo:So Sad gifttagging:So Sad

February 23, 2009

Best and Worst

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Best Mardi Gras dining experience: Name-your-own-cheese cheeseburger grilled at St James Cheese Company on Lundi Gras. A rich Roquefort melting on a medium rare burger is a special thing.

Worst Mardi Gras dining experience: Popeyes leftovers Sunday night. Out of chicken, they still sold their chicken nuggets. I didn’t find out until I got them home that they weren’t even the size of a half-dollar and they didn’t come with biscuits. The sort of dismal offering that should shame everyone involved. and Worst digg:Best and Worst spurl:Best and Worst wists:Best and Worst simpy:Best and Worst newsvine:Best and Worst blinklist:Best and Worst furl:Best and Worst reddit:Best and Worst fark:Best and Worst blogmarks:Best and Worst Y!:Best and Worst smarking:Best and Worst magnolia:Best and Worst segnalo:Best and Worst gifttagging:Best and Worst
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