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October 9, 2009

Your Health for a Song

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As we reported this month, the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic can use some financial help. With that in mind, we just received this email from NOMC’s Bethany Bultman:

Do any of you have a funky health care-related song that you have recorded? must own the rights and recording? would be willing to  “donate” it to our digital re-release of the NOMC’s 1999 benefit cd GET YOU A HEALIN?

 If you have something, please please let me know asap. The Orchard is about to launch a world-wide download campaign complete with drop cards and solicitation to all medical dramas on TV to license some of the songs. and sell ringtones from it.

 During these hard economic times, we have gotta gotta gotta earn money to keep the NOMC alive and well!!!

If you’ve got just such a song and are willing to contribute it – or you’re looking for a way to help – contact Bethany at Health for a Song digg:Your Health for a Song spurl:Your Health for a Song wists:Your Health for a Song simpy:Your Health for a Song newsvine:Your Health for a Song blinklist:Your Health for a Song furl:Your Health for a Song reddit:Your Health for a Song fark:Your Health for a Song blogmarks:Your Health for a Song Y!:Your Health for a Song smarking:Your Health for a Song magnolia:Your Health for a Song segnalo:Your Health for a Song gifttagging:Your Health for a Song

The Death That Keeps on Giving

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It took Michael Jackson almost a month to get buried, so it can’t be a surprise that Jackson remains a presence long after his death. So far, the two marching bands that have played halftime at Saints game have dedicated their shows to Jackson material (last weekend, Jackson State included “Remember a Time”). No doubt, we’ll hear more.

On October 24, the Jefferson Performing Arts Society (JPAS) will host the local performance of “Thrill the World” – a worldwide, simultaneous performance of “Thriller.” “Thrill the World” predates Jackson’s death and is in its fourth year – seen here from San Francisco in 2007 – at Zephyr Field, but this year should be particularly significant. It also should be seriously attended after people have seen online the wonder of mass Jackson dancing here, here here and here. 

To dance, you can register online at the JPAS Web site or the day of the event between 11 a.m and 1 p.m. Dancers must be available for a group practice from 4 to 6 p.m., and they need to have a zombie costume for the dance. There won’t be change rooms, so the costume should be easily thrown on.

Admission for the day is  $12 per person and parking is $1. There is a VIP package for $50, and dancers that pre-register online will get in for $10. “Thrill the World” at Zephyr Field benefits JPAS’ youth program, JPAS Jam & Jive Show Choir. Death That Keeps on Giving digg:The Death That Keeps on Giving spurl:The Death That Keeps on Giving wists:The Death That Keeps on Giving simpy:The Death That Keeps on Giving newsvine:The Death That Keeps on Giving blinklist:The Death That Keeps on Giving furl:The Death That Keeps on Giving reddit:The Death That Keeps on Giving fark:The Death That Keeps on Giving blogmarks:The Death That Keeps on Giving Y!:The Death That Keeps on Giving smarking:The Death That Keeps on Giving magnolia:The Death That Keeps on Giving segnalo:The Death That Keeps on Giving gifttagging:The Death That Keeps on Giving

October 7, 2009

Local Hero

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Word is buzzing through local social media and email trying to scare up votes for Rebirth snare drummer Derrick (not Derek, as the fan site on Facebook says) Tabb for his work with the Roots of Music. The Roots of Music is an afterschool music education program for school-aged children that is working to keep them educated, off the streets, and connected to tradition. The Roots of Music Marching Band will next parade during Voodoo.

For more on Tabb, the Roots of Music and voting, go to Hero digg:Local Hero spurl:Local Hero wists:Local Hero simpy:Local Hero newsvine:Local Hero blinklist:Local Hero furl:Local Hero reddit:Local Hero fark:Local Hero blogmarks:Local Hero Y!:Local Hero smarking:Local Hero magnolia:Local Hero segnalo:Local Hero gifttagging:Local Hero

Call for Proposals

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The EMP Pop Conference isn’t for everybody, but for those who genuinely geek out thinking about pop music and its interaction with history and culture, it’s tough to beat. The conference size is manageable, there’s always something worth hearing, there are a lot of interesting thoughts to consider long after it’s over, and you can meet a lot of cool, smart people. Here’s the call for paper proposals for next year’s conference:

The Pop Machine: Music and Technology

Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame

Seattle, April 15-18, 2010


Popular music might be narrated as a story of sounds and the machines that make them. From the talking drum and parlor room piano to the Gibson Les Paul, from the Edison phonograph to Roland 808 beatbox and Antares Autotune software, how have pop’s contraptions reflected, inflected, and mediated musical history? What changes when we start with the technology that makes the ineffable material, and its shaping of modes of production and consumption? As we close out a decade of momentous change at all levels of popular music, this is a salient moment for rethinking the continual dialogue in pop between the new and the traditional. Note: this call is not aimed only at gearheads. What counts as human is produced in and through the use of technologies. We need to hear the voices that wrap flesh around the wiring.  

Topics can cover any era or style of music and may include, but are not limited to:

–Hardware:  the effect of equipment on how we make, record, disseminate, and fetishize music.

–Business: economies of scale(s), the demand for profit in changing technological contexts.

–Identity: how youth culture, Afromodernism, and transgender/transsexual personas, manufactured divas and real fem-bots, among other pop categories, deploy technology.

–Technology in the 2000s: iPods, computer game music, music and war, digital technology exhuming analog artifacts.

–Aesthetics: “perfect sound forever” to pixelation and lossy file formats; Computer Love erotics; power chords from amplified blues to Guitar Hero.

–“The street finds its own use for things”: working class, global, racial, and other subaltern appropriations of technology, from sound systems to rock camps for girls.

–Bodies as technologies: the “natural” as a response to changing artifices; the voice as a modifiable tool.

–Music writing and the technological formations it rests upon.

–Anxieties and doubts: folk revivalists, roots rockers, and other tech-refuseniks.

The Pop Conference at EMP|SFM, now in its ninth year, joins academics, critics, performers, and dedicated fans in a rare common discussion. The conference is sponsored by the American Music Partnership of Seattle (Experience Music Project, the University of Washington School of Music, and KEXP 90.3 FM), through a grant from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. This year’s program committee members are: writer and filmmaker Raquel Cepeda, Jasen Emmons (EMP/SFM), musician Sean Nelson, Tavia Nyong’o (NYU), Lauren Onkey (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum), Ann Powers (Los Angeles Times), Jody Rosen (Slate), Barry Shank (Ohio State), Tyina Steptoe (University of Washington), and Tim Taylor (UCLA).


Please send proposals of 250 words, with 50 word bio, to organizer Eric Weisbard (University of Alabama) at Deadline for proposals is Tuesday, December 15. Panel proposals, for either three presenters (90 minutes) or four (105 minutes), should include overview language and 200 word individual proposals, plus panelist bios. We welcome unorthodox proposals and proposals aimed explicitly at a general interest audience. For more information, go to for Proposals digg:Call for Proposals spurl:Call for Proposals wists:Call for Proposals simpy:Call for Proposals newsvine:Call for Proposals blinklist:Call for Proposals furl:Call for Proposals reddit:Call for Proposals fark:Call for Proposals blogmarks:Call for Proposals Y!:Call for Proposals smarking:Call for Proposals magnolia:Call for Proposals segnalo:Call for Proposals gifttagging:Call for Proposals